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The material testing group research includes cement-based composites and concretes reinforced with different natural and synthetic fibres. Fresh and hardened mixtures are subjected to comprehensive testing to identify their characteristics and performance, The testing for fresh mixtures is usually conducted to understand  the effect of fibres addition on the workability and flowability of the mixtures. Further, the group is also interested in the area of early-age volume change. The testing in this aspect includes free,  restrained plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage. The research group is also interested in assessing the durability and permeability of the cement-composites and concretes by subjecting specimens to chloride penetration, sorptivity, freezing-and-thawing, and immersion absorption. 

Recently, an image processing technique is introduced in order to measure the crack width and crack area over six hours period of time. This test also provides an idea about the crack patterns change with changing in the mixture's ingredients (e.g. addition of fibers).

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